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Video Guides

Learn Parkour techniques from real professionals, in the highest quality guide videos ever made for Parkour.


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We'll keep you on track, so you keep progressing. Enjoy clear paths towards progress so you can learn faster!

Parkour is the easiest way to get fit. How?
By having FUN!

Parkour combines so many elements of hobbies many people see through for years while adding the perks of an active lifestyle.

Parkour is playful, allowing you to creatively use the skills you learn to make sweet runs, challenge your peers and maybe show off (just a bit).


YOU can do Parkour

Parkour isn't just crazy moves - there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Fight or Flight Academy has been teaching people of all backgrounds, ages, and body types how to do Parkour since 2011.

We've combined decades of Parkour experience into an all-in-one platform, for you to start learning Parkour - anywhere.

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It's time to take back control. Start by bettering yourself, and bettering your life. Parkour will help you have fun, seek challenge, become more physically fit and sharpen your mind.

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